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We love to spoil our guests while providing an onsite experience you can’t find anywhere else! Our Twisted line of wines can be found in our Fine Dining Restaurant and in our outdoor Wine Garden.

Are you planning a visit to our property?! Enjoy a flight of Twisted wines in our Wine Garden before indulging in a Fine Wining Experience where you will select a dish created by our Executive Chef and pair it with a Twisted wine that was handcrafted in our Wine Cellar less than a mile down the road. Our dining page and experience page will walk you through experiences you won’t want to miss when visiting our property!

Wine, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard
Wine, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard

“So why twisted?” You ask.

Well, most of us can admit to having a certain someone in our lives, whether friend, sister, brother etc., who seem to have unwillingly earned the reputation of being difficult, loud, maybe careless or even the dreaded “black sheep” – just different from our classic family member.

Despite this twist, we love them dearly for it is they who challenge us to stand out, live on the edge, be daring, put a new “twist” on things!

Our twisted line of wines is just that – a positive spin on an old classic! Always adding color and mystery to the story, you may call her the “black sheep” of our family but we lovingly call her our “twisted sister”!

At Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard, expect nothing less – out of the ordinary, above and beyond, unique and tantalizing – eccentric to say the least. After all, standing out is what we do best!

Kaya Vineyard & Winery

Wine, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard
Wine, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard

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Wine, Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard

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